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Wavin Quick Stream

Product Highlights

Wavin Quick Stream is a siphonic roof system that offers a highly efficient and extremely cost effective way to discharge rainwater from large roof surfaces. It combines reduction in materials, weight and installation time with more efficiency, increased safety and space optimization.

Technical Specifications:
  • Maximum Rainfall Load Capacity

  • Pipes & Fittings:

  • 24.7 1/5 per outlet

  • Material: HDPE

  • Color:  Black

  • Smaller pipe dimensions and reduction on the total pipe length

  • All pipes are installed in the building

  • Lateral pipe work is installed without gradients

  • No or limited pipe trenches next to the building are required

  • 3 times more capacity versus conventional v system roof drainage

  • Less number of down pipes and smaller dimensions of the down pipes

  • Less roof outlets

  • Flexible location of roof inlets

  • High flow velocities



Certificate 715
Certificate 715
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