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Product Highlights


The FlotenderTM Greywater Filter is fully automated.When greywater enters the system it is automatically filtered, pressurized, and pumped to the above ground or subsurface drip irrigation system.When the water drops to the designated minimum pumping level the system shuts off until the next inflow of greywater. 


Water is Captured
Water is captured from various greywater sources and sent to the Flotender TM Greywater Filter. 

Water is Filtered, Pressurized & Pumped 
When the greywater enters the FlotendermA Greywater Filter, the fine lint and hair is immediately filtered out. The water is then pressurized and pumped into the drip irrigation system. 

Water is Delivered to the Plants or Lawn 
The filtered, pressurized water is then delivered evenly to each drip emitter at the root zone of the plants, lawn or to the desired custom application.