Unitec Pipe Hot & Cold Multipex Pipe prevents
moss formation, corrosion, and scaling.
Unitec Pipe MultiPex is designed for the conveyance of water pressure and it can be used in the following applications:

Main Applications:

  • Cold Waterline
  • Hot Waterline

Other Applications:

  • Compressed Air System
  • Sanitary System
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Industrial Application
  • Transport of Food Liquids
  • Cooling System


  • NO RUST – Rust on pipe decreases its durability. UNITEC PIPE’s plastic layers prevent corrosion by separating water and metal layer. Thus, maintaining its durability throughout its lifetime. Aluminum layer prevents oxygen and other gases from permeating.
  • NO LEAKAGE – Chemical and pressure can cause leaks in metal and plastic pipes. UNITEC PIPE totally combines the plastic materials, perfectly preventing leakage of liquids and gases.
  • SANITATION – Oxygen permeation leads to multiplication of germs and moss growth. Replacement of metal pipes with plastic pipes only prevents corrosion but not oxygen permeation. By inserting aluminum layer between plastic layers in UNITEC PIPE, oxygen permeation is prevented.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – No special and complicated tools are necessary for installing UNITEC PIPE. It can be bent by hand, thus, minimizing the use of joint or fittings.


  • Lightness, flexibility & Non-Deformability
  • High Chemical & Electrochemical Resistance
  • High Soundproofing Coefficient Characteristics
  • Very low head losses
  • Wide Range of Working Temperature
  • Power Saving Capability
  • Oxygen-Proof Material
Female Elbow
Equal Elbow
Equal Tee
Straight Reducer
End Cap
Female Socket
Female Tee
Long Female Elbow
Male Socket
Straight Union
Confirmity Certificate
DOST Test Certificate Material Composition
Unitec PAP Certificate
Unitec Warranty Certificate
Make and mark the desired length of the pipe using a meter.
Cut the desired length by using a regular pipe cutter.
To Bend the pipe use a pipe bender spring.
Bend the pipe according to your desired angle.
If the pipe hole gets a bit distorted, you can use a pipe reamer to reform it.
Connect the fitting into the pipe.
After connecting, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fitting.
Make sure the pipe and the fitting are properly tighten and align to one other.