UNITEC PE Soil, Waste & Vent System
  • UNITEC HDPE drainage system is the ultimate solution for all types of drainage including soil and waste, above ground, below ground and chemical waste.
  • UNITEC HDPE drainage system is suitable for residential and industrial buildings, for laboratories, embedded in concrete or buried underground.
  • UNITEC HDPE pipes and fittings are available in sizes from diameter 32 mm to 315 mm. Bigger sizes can also be fabricated on request.
  • Drainage System inside the building
  • Installations inside concrete
  • External and underground
  • BUTT WELDING –  This technique is the ideal way for space-saving connections, semi or fully automatic welding machines are utilized to achieve butt-fusion connections.
  • ELECTRO-FUSION-WELDING – This technique is ideal is the ideal jointing method on-site, specifically suitable for installations in tight spaces like mechanical shafts. The process is easy and fast resulting reliable connections. Electro-fusion couplings are used in the process, which are available in sizes from 50 to 315mm.
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