Gasline Multilayer Pipe is a pipe generation that unites the advantages of plastic and metal pipe that offers a high degree of flexibility and toughness, coupled with high pressure and temperature resistance. The Gasline multi- layer pipe consists of inner and outer layer in between which consists layer of overlap-welded aluminum, and the three layers are made to form a permanent structure by means of special bonding layers.

Main Applications:

  • Excellent hydraulic performance, high temperature resistant due to the aluminum layer.
  • No gas leakage, no oxygen permeability, absolutely isolated due to the utilization of Gasline multilayer pipe.
  • Complete burning, saving gas energy. Simple, fast and economical installation, compared with metallic piping systems it can save over 20% on installation times.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 75 psi
  • Outer Diameter -16 x 20
  • Inner Diameter – 12 x 16
  • Color – Yellow
  • Length – 25m,50m,75, & 100m 25m, 50m, 75m, & 100m


  • Easy to bend
  • Low weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal roughness
  • Clean and easy to install, no welding, soldering, thread cutting or bonding.
  • Heat expansion similar to metal, enabling larger pipe clip distances.
  • Excellent long- time rupture strength offers safety in daily use.
Ball Valve Adapter
Equal elbow
Equal tee
Female Elbow Adapter
certificate 1374
certificate 1365
certificate 1371
certificate 1372
certificate 1373
Make and mark the desired length of the pipe using a meter.
Cut the desired length by using a regular pipe cutter.
To Bend the pipe use a pipe bender spring.
Bend the pipe according to your desired angle.
If the pipe hole gets a bit distorted, you can use a pipe reamer to reform it.
Connect the fitting into the pipe.
After connecting, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fitting.
Make sure the pipe and the fitting are properly tighten and align to one other.